Early Video Art and Experimental Films Networks
An international history of video art and experimental cinema networks in the early 1970s: the volume casts a new eye on various exhibitions, broadcasts and production and distribution structures.
Edition ECAL/RA&D
231×308 mm, 268pages
ISBN: 978-2-9701157-0-0

Peace After Bombing
August, 1945 – A press review
With Yoichiro Kawakami
175×235 mm, 132pages
Black White Box Cube
Extraits des catalogues Impact 72 & 74 et New Forms in Film 72.
Edition ECAL/RA&D – Circuit
240×320 mm, 72pages

2 days risograph workshop in Milano, IT
SPRINT BOOKS FAIR, Instituto Svizzero Milano
273×222 mm, 20pages

Cinéma Exposé/Exhibited Cinema Vol. 1
Films d’artistes, art vidéo et exposition d’images en mouvement
Edition ECAL/RA&D
210×300 mm, 224pages

Cinéma Exposé Communication 2012–2014
In collaboration with Helge Hjorth Bentsen
Communication/Web site/Posters


31, Das Magazin des Instituts für Theorie N°20
Zusammenarbeit mit Bonbon, Valeria Bonin & Diego Bontognali
Edition ZHdK, Ith
210×270 mm, 120pages

Malcolm Le Grice/Hannes Schüpbach
Workshop publications, Print Risograph
Edition ECAL/RA&D
148×210 mm, 48pages/54pages

Original Version
Archives Cinéma Bellevaux 1959–2010
Cinéma Bellevaux
195×260 mm, 212pages

594×841 mm